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Juultje & friends

Do you already know the inhabitants of Camping Julianahoeve?

Do you already know the mascot of Camping Julianahoeve? It’s Juultje the Lobster! This giant cuddle lobster would love to meet you. 

On weekends, during public holidays and school holidays, Juultje regularly takes a gander at the activities. Make sure you always have your camera with you, because Juultje really likes to take pictures with you!

Is it your birthday during your stay at the campsite?! In that case, Juultje would love to come and see you at your birthday party. He will even bring you a nice present! Please give notice to the recreation team in advance.

Are you also such a fan of Juultje and can’t you wait until you get home to tell your friends about him? Take a look at the reception for nice Juultje souvenirs, such as a Juultje cuddly toy, bracelet or keychain! 

Sterre and Storm, the two best friends of Juultje the Lobster are, just like Juultje, crazy about the beach and sea. They love to be at the beach to build the most beautiful and biggest sandcastles!

Do you want to meet them? Usually they take a ride at night along with the Juultje Express. Besides that, they experience all kinds of adventures at Juultjes’ theater. Do you want to come by and meet them? They would love to see you sometime soon here! Do not forget to bring your camera.  

Juultje & Friends

Juultje & Friends


Juultje gadgets

Are you also a fan of Juultje and his friends? We have plenty of lovely souvenirs for you to take home. How about a  keychain, Juultjes backpack or a thrilling children’s book. Or do you rather sleep with the Juultje cuddly toy in your bed?

Come to the reception and check out the large selection of Julianahoeve gadgets in the specially developed feel and discover closet.

Save now the special Atlantica coins in the restaurants for discount on these Juultje gadgets.

Juultje gadgets

Juultje gadgets

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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